Blackpoll Warbler (Donna Dewhurst, USFWS) Birders (Robert Howe) Brewer's Blackbird (Lee Karney, USFWS)



  • Although certification is separate for each BCR, there is only one registration for the Program.
  • Once you have registered, simply Login to take additional identification tests.

<---------- Before advancing to the tests ---------->

American Bittern, photo by Gary Zahm, USFWS You may need to close all other programs on your computer to maximize the memory available for the identification tests. The image and audio files on the tests are quite large and can take time to load. If you are using Birding CDs to assist you with the Audio Identification Test, you should verify you can have both running on your computer by taking the Practice Audio Test first.

Dial-up users: you may not be able to take the identification tests due to the slow download speed of dial-up internet service. Double-check by taking the Practice Tests first.