Blackpoll Warbler (Donna Dewhurst, USFWS) Birders (Robert Howe) Brewer's Blackbird (Lee Karney, USFWS)

Practice Tests

Yellow-rumped Warbler, photo by Donna Dewhurst, USFWSPlease take the practice tests to familiarize yourself with the test formats and to verify that your computer and browser can run the identification tests. No registration is needed to take the practice tests.

The practice tests encompass species found in any of the six Bird Conservation Regions.

The practice Visual test is created from a random selection of images and is comparable to the comprehensive Visual Identification Test (includes species from all habitats although a separate database of images is used for the practice test).

The practice Audio tests are by habitat and have a defined set of audio clips. You may take these practice tests as many times as you like.

The practice tests are graded online and you will receive your grade and an answer key. Note: answers keys are not provided for the actual tests.

Available Practice tests for you to take